Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran - The World Is Ennobled by the Protest

With far less to lose than Iranians, who don't know our level of civil liberties by a long shot, Americans {of the left} {myself included} let the false election of G. W. Bush go by, remember, the Florida election, the chads, the deceit and manipulation, Jeb Bush.

Yes, Gore let go. But so did the rest of us.

And now I see hundreds of thousands of Iranians, including women in this socially conservative nation, protesting.

America {my country} {yes, my home} is not the world leader, anymore. Not in courage, strength, resources. We owe how many trillions to China, and how much more to other countries? Okay, maybe I'm mixing this up by bringing in China in a discussion of Iran election protests. And I need not flagellate, just because progressives {a loathsome word} have become regressive in protesting.

So thank you Iranians. There is one true God who loves us all and may this God protect you. I don't know that America is up to the task. I get the sense that the world has been patting us on our shiny heads and letting us think we're still in charge. Regardless.

Go, Iran. Go, Iranian women. Go, Mousavi.

{The photo is from December 2008.}

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