Thursday, June 18, 2009

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Prayer - Hafiz

The Place of Weeping [Hafiz]

A whole church has been moved.
What does “art museum” mean

one corduroy five-year-old stunned
by a splash of antique likeness?
A fountain’s echolocation for his
divine heartbeat? If I’d a brought it,
I’d hand him a Lady Liberty to stop on.
Father and son lured to this temple
inside a reverie like an emerald so
fiery the kid’s shroud palm is scarred
dead center. Lured by what?

Tears silly to be spilled for beauty?
Chisled marble and gray stones
were ferried like conquistadores
over a numbing ocean to humble
the new world. Roll your own,
ladies, and hear the satisfying whish!
of a bright Russian doll halved at
its belly ravenous for chimes, the call.
Mohammed says prayer is better than
sleep. Art is prayer. Redemption is
fleeting, but by the cool temple fountain
awe works this kid standing, mouth open.

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