Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not a Failed Blogger | Working on Novel

Apologies to any one of my zero reader(s) who anticipated something or other to read (here), anything witty or wise or at the least diverting enough so as you were sucked down slick surfaces of the vacuum-power void you would not know what was happening

because Sarah Sarai would have sent your reflexes on a wild goose chase. But that did not happen

because you are alive and in the pit of dim feeling that constitutes your every waking breath, not to mention a few sleeping breaths. My excuse: I'm finishing

shaping my novella (two of two) (both related) (same character, forty years apart) and it's challenging. To say

the least. (To say a little more, the two novellas combined are thusly entitled: From the One Side of Heaven.) Am also writing

a review of The Book of Practical Pussies (Tender Buttons Press) which is such an interesting collection of cat erotica and human sin (I'm messin' with you about the sin). And eventually

this blog will see reviews of books and movies and sin and whatever else I feel like reviewing. So, dear non-

reader (of this blog). Hang in with me.

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