Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Odysseus Tying Himself to the Mast - Happy Bloom's Day

Yes, Molly Bloom fans.

Yes, devotees of stately plump, etc.

Today, June 16, is Bloom's Day in celebration or commemoration or expression of constant awe for James Joyce's Ulysses, loosely based on The Odyssey. Loosely as in easy as a rent boy. As in blowsy as a whore. And then there are various articles of clothing such as your oldest t-shirt or a gypsy-like blouse purchased fifteen years ago at a yard sale, or a muu muu you're reluctant to pass on. What if you retire early and to a trailer park? Hold onto it.

Loose, but epic. Also epic is my need to exercise self-discipline. To write a short blog every day (I've done good, lately). Work on fiction and poetry every day. Work on work. Jobs. Upkeep. Odysseus tied himself to the mast so he wouldn't be tempted by Sirens. A short-term solution.

The long-term solution is watermelon seed slippery. And so I shall now eat a slice of watermelon and contemplate the seed. And how I trundled from Ulysses to Odysseus without much of an explanation or the self-discipline to write a bridge, a transition. And absolute joy that those women in the upper right-hand corner look a bit like me (stately and plump). Sometimes artists get it right.

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