Friday, December 25, 2009

3rd review of The Future Is Happy, this in Prick of the Spindle

The online journal Prick of the Spindle, which has been thriving for a few years now, just published a generous review of my book.

Here's an excerpt from the review, which I invite you to finish reading at the link below. From Juliet Cook's review of The Future Is Happy:

Sarai’s breed of spiritual infusion is much more resonant, because it is a lively cross-breed. She speaks in a specific language, redolent with varied life experience and details culled from those experiences. Cosmic references interestingly coexist with everyday objects. In “Front Yard (I Have No Mythology),” Sarai writes:

My lace bustier has slender ribbons attached
to the nine or so planets. Await with a shiver
my dance that says mortality.
I jut one hip and you’re revealed
as, well, tragic. I snap the crushed grapeskin

of your life to obeisant heavens which shuttle you
farther out. Although you might wonder what’s next,
I’ve got a bead on things.

It seems to me it’s not that Sarai has no mythology; it’s more that no one view takes precedence. Everything has its place: sometimes the placement seems unlikely, but somehow it all converges into a cohesive and engaging whole. . . cont:

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