Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sarah Sarai 2.0

On Thanksgiving Day, a young woman seated next to me at my lovely and gracious hostess' table asked about the focus of my blog.

I didn't know what to say. Sure, poetry, but there are poetry bloggers who assess poetics as a pure field in great depth. I more often make use of poetry to spring into some aspect of the world, or at least my world.

I've been itching to start writing more about my family and childhood. Something about this public forum draws me. Something about writing directly into this little box, running a spellcheck and publishing, leaves me satisfied, as if I'm accomplished something. And maybe I have.

So and therefore and thusly I added "memoir" to tagline for this blog. I agree with you. "this life" should cover memoir, but I wasn't sure the phrase was enough of an indication of what's to come.

Even now I'm not sure. We'll see. Please return to find out. I love having company.


  1. this is a good direction. I thought you've been weaving your story into most of your writing and that's why I read it.

  2. That's good feedback for me. I trust you (I trust really good artists). I am feeling a need to "talk" on the page. It's more satisfying than in life. I wrote something else today, last minute, for journal (last minute in that today was the deadline and I just found out about it). They may or may not take it -- you know how these things go -- but it felt right. Again thanks. Again hope to meet you.