Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Note: To Anyone & Everyone I've Ever Insulted or Been Mad At or Aggrieved With or At 'n stuff like that

You may have to tie me down and hold me to this, come, oh,the harsh light of Saturday, Jan. 2, 2010, but I am making an effort here and now to release my boundless anger,

some of it Swedish in that the insult (perceived) was minor and most likely related to a breach of etiquette or expectation that, jeeze, how was the other person to know what I was hoping for? think of

those Bergman movies with some broad and her nervously shaking slim hand breaking a cocktail glass with the force of repression (not to mention unloading an eyeball into a glass) and

some of it Russian--from the Caucus (which I will misspell unto death) and remarkably energetic in its blind determination to dislike (think Georgian Stalin) and

some of it Polish, as in a little misguided. You heard about the Polish lesbian? She keeps sleeping with men.

and a little Crenshaw District, a little funky and alien and somehow very very right, such a bizarre and blessed gift that has been, and

most of it 100 percent Sarah Sarai, pig headed, self-centered, very funny, quite intelligent, sweet, generous, unexpectedly artistic yet self-absorbed or, best guess, not having the skill to understand the trajectory of an emotion, its path in AND OUT the body.

New slate. Much love. As my sainted (ahem) mother said, Girls, how can you expect world peace if you keep fighting among yourselves. Ma had a point.

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