Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Santa: a short letter

Dear Sanna Clauz,

Please tell Mommy an Dady I miss them an hope they like wings an singing all the time.

An please promise me that you will never (ever) (ever ever) EVER, let anyone (anyone) (ever) do a remake of Auntie Mame. Cause I think it is perfekt even if the lil boy is annoyng an stuff. It makes me hapy n that lady* is the bestest acting lady ever an not anyone can be as good as her. She moves good like Soupy Sales but differnt like a slinky if it was Soupy Sales and tall and skinny with nice hair. I like the Upson Downs. I like the people I don't like in the movie. They are good to not like people because they r funny an mean an I can figure it out. I am sorry that nice man fell off a mountin. Oh well.

I read the book an stuff cause I am smart an I can read books an it was good, I like the pages they felt thick, it was a librerry book an it was a long time ago. It coulda had pictures but I dont rememer an I liked the movie. The book was Auntie Mame, too. The movie was the best. My fren says that if you need a auntiedepressant this movie'l do it. So please listen, Sanny, an let it be.

Thank eU.

Yr frien,


*note from Sarah's guardian: "That lady" refers to Rosalind Russell, pictured above, descending and upstaging a staircase.

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