Friday, November 26, 2010

Foodstuff Friday: blueberries on the Frost

I've picked blueberries in a whimsical, oh, I'm in the country, let me be natural manner common to city dwellers. 
I also buy them frozen. The frozen blueberry can be eaten one-by-one like popcorn. I rarely eat a frozen blueberry in that manner, however. Instead I pour them over Greek yogurt.

It's like a chemical experiment, or so I imagine. It could be a chemical experiment, but chemistry was not my subject. If Lavoisier froze blueberries, bully for him. 

On contact with the berry the yogurt freezes up. Wait for the thaw then slightly mussh (not mush) the berries and the snowy yogurt.  The berries' sweetness will ooze.

The result is ersatz ice cream. It is also, a thing being equal to itself, as I often maintain in my bid to let everyone know I once read whoever that was, Euclid or Aristotle, I'm no longer sure, blueberries and yogurt.

Frozen blueberries.  Greek (or any plain) yogurt.  A bowl.  A spoon.  An open mouth and open heart.  Paradise.

To read Robert Frost's "Blueberries" in the full version click on the title. For an abbreviated, blog-size version I found the following on  {Note: I now understand that sense of someone else having thought of it long before I did when I used "thumb" in "Six, Seven Strawberries." At least I steal from the greats.}

from "Blueberries"

Blueberries as big as the end of your thumb,
Real sky-blue, and heavy, and ready to drum
In the cavernous pail of the first one to come!
And all ripe together, not some of them green
And some of them ripe!
You ought to have seen!
Robert Frost

The illustration is by Garth Williams, of course. There's great one of his, well, they are all great, in The Golden Book of Elves and Fairies. A bear eating blueberries.

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