Monday, November 1, 2010

All Fools Day, All Saints Day, the Tarot

I didn't become a Tarot reader, though that was a plan. The plumb line between a fixed star and intention is often bisected by will or choice. Or by the fact I couldn't memorize the cards to my satisfaction.

And by the way, today is All Saints Day. That means there are over one thousand designated helpers today. For me, that's enough meaning.

All Saints? Good topic. I immediately wrote All Fools, thought: It's quite a compliment.  In the Tarot deck, the Fool is the first card.  She's numbered "0." Definitely an air sign, without much plan, she leads the conga line of Tarot's major arcana and also of the eccentric, intuitive, original.

Some decks reveal the twelve astrological signs are in or hovering near her knapsack. She packs light but has everything needed, all aspects of personality, emotions, possibility, probability, strength, pitfall. Or so I say. Many others, too.

I'm asking the Fool to help me find a way beyond my concerns about process of the emotions and how people react to life--in writing and in life, though, really, mostly in writing. I need something different as I continue writing fiction, or else I'll feel I'm recycling myself.

I hope I return to the Tarot.  This posting feels light, incomplete, inconclusive, like the fool starting out for who knows where.

The artwork is from and is by Alicia Lee Farnsworth.


  1. I was about to panic when I found my fool card on your blog page in a random image search. I was somewhat relieved that you were talking about the fool in the tarot and that you attributed where you got the image. I appreciate that. There is a special place in my heart for the fool card. That is why I made it a self portrait. It is one of the most personal cards for me in my deck.

    Alicia Lee Farnsworth

  2. I was about to panic when I found my fool card in a random image search on your blog but then I relaxed a little after reading your tarot related post and the artist and source attribution at the bottom. The fool card is very special to me. That is one of the reasons I made it a self portrait. It resonates with me more than any other card in the deck.

    Alicia Lee Farnsworth

  3. As I meant to say...Oh my. Thank you for being so kind. I try to write these posting quickly and I know I should request permission.
    You've done a wonderful job!