Friday, November 12, 2010

Foodstuff Friday: let's go to the Lowes or AMCs house for the holidays

This year Thanksgiving falls in November. Whatever. There is a rumor I will be sharing a meal with two relatives, though it was the younger relative who told me her mother was going to be on the east coast. Since I'm pretty darned sure no one I'm related to reads my blog I'm not poking or suggesting. Just telling you the news.

Sure I like a bird, stuffing, mashed potatoes--what's not to like; but what the Turkey Scrooge recommends this Foodstuff Friday is: Mr. Movie Snack. Theaters open early most places. Holiday movies are happy, glossy, tear-jerky.

Not to digress but have I told you about the Christmas Day my family saw Visconti's Rocco and His Brothers? I was eleven or twelve. "The pivotal scene in the film comes when Simone rapes Nadia in front of Rocco . . . " (copied and pasted from  Good times! If I knew available resources back then as youngsters do today, I would have reported my family to Children's Protective Services.  (Adult me recommends Visconti's The Damned, but not on Christmas, Thanksgiving or Mother's Day.)

Back to Mr. Movie Snack.  Such foodstuffs are easy to dress up with a buttery coating that shines like morning dew on Dow Chemical Corp. Who can pass up orange dye added to Elmer's glue glooped over nachos? I can, but apparently they're popular. 

Alice Waters followers might prefer a simple, unadorned box of Milk Duds.  Or combine the Thrill of the Sweet with the body's need for iron and roughage by choosing Raisenets.  We're hardwired to pass the box to members of our tribe, shake out a handful and offer a tribute to Mr. Movie Snack by messing up the already sticky floor.  

A suggestion for classicists is boxed--but now is available in a small tub!--bon bons.  Oh the feel of that exquisite crunch into a cold chocolate-like coating over vanilla-like ice cream-like substance.

I confess I no longer eat candy while at the movies though I could be tempted by famously unhealthy Mr. Movie Snack popcorn.  And keep this between me and you but I have no problem if you smuggle in candy. Times are hard and that stuff costs. A close "friend" has been known to smuggle in nuts, frozen yogurt and coffee.

Here's a list of poetry or lit-related movies to rent: (in which case, all bets are off, snacking wise and on wise snacking). But nothing goes with Denzel Washington or Jennifer Lopez like a rise in blood sugar.

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