Thursday, November 25, 2010

I love a guy born in Khabarovsk, USSR in 1941! Thanks, Sarah Palin

I thought it was just me. Who could I tell and not be scorned? 

Now, thanks to soon-to-be leader of the formerly free world, Sarah Palin, I can look each and every one of you in the eye and shout, I love a guy born in Khabarovsk, USSR in 1941!
You betcha. Kim Il Jong is ALL-MAN.

What gal doesn't find nuclear capability a turn on? None I know of!  He may be "Dear Leader" to the millions of North Koreans who cower in joy every time his name is shouted endlessly through a nationwide speaker system, but to me he's that shy maniac who won my heart with his mom's kim-chee recipe.

I know, I know. North Korea is always on the brink of famine. Tell me; how else can Kimmy's people fit into those stylish, "distressed" jammy-like slacks hoping to copy his "merciless dictator" look?

Whether he's tying lures at the Wonpyong Taehung Fishery Station, milking cows in a Cattle Farm in an undisclosed location or hammering out a shield to put Achilles' to shame at the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex in Chongjin, north Hamgyong province he's a sensitive and caring megalomaniac, never too busy to issue a threat to some nasty western imperialist.

Today is all about giving thanks, so thanks to Trey Parker and South Park's Team America: World Police for showing us Jong's crazy, zany side. 

"We gotta stand with our North Korean allies!" Sarah Palin told Glenn Beck. Amen, sister! But keep yer hands offa Kim.

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