Friday, November 19, 2010

Foodstuff Friday: negative capability, Keats, pineapple popsicles

There's nothing that says Thanksgiving like a pineapple FrozFruit bar.  Okay, yes, I agree, I see it, there is a prickly elephant in the room. The elephant's name originally {1398} described reproductive organs of conifer trees. I would imagine creationists and tea partiers of the Middle Ages stormed castle walls at the mention of reproductive organs.

We have digressed. No doctor in the house but a pineapple in the room, a pineapple the size of an elephant. There will be blood. Whether pineapple is a gateway foodstuff for FrozFruit bars or we go the other way or there's no gate {we already know the way is narrow} pineapple is an afternoon delight. 

{The moral majority protests and the immoral majority is busy elsewhere, so let's get on with it.}

Pineapple FrozFruit are chunky and pineappley. Cold. Popsicley. A friend of mine also has opened his heart to FrozFruit bars though he prefers lime; so be it. He'll sneak out on his partner for FrozFruit; will take their dog for another walk so he can pit stop at a bodega for a Froz.

Street vendor'll sell you fresh pineapple on a stick, in a cup or juiced, but you already like fresh cherries and cherry Twizzlers. Further displays of negative capability, John Keats' way of describing our intellectual acrobatic skill, our emotional capacity to love fresh fruit and fruit qua product, are inevitable.

If Keats was "certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart's affections and the truth of Imagination," I suggest lowering expectations for your own certainty. Truth is a pineapple FrozFruit bar, and a pineapple FrozFruit bar is beauty. That's all I know.

Happy Thanksgiving or anti-Thanksgiving, my little sweet potatoes.

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