Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poem: Like Wings ... topographical gestures

I got this off the web,
not from the film.
Summer before last I watched a series of experimental shorts in the community garden at Avenue B and 6th. The night was warm, the garden green and living; we sprawled comfortably.

Mindy Levokove, dancer, poet, experimental filmmaker, by way of computer, threaded images of her back. With help she spread sand on her body and slithered. Downloaded the film, messed with it, slowed motion.

Sitting in the dark grotto of a northeast jungle-garden, I saw desert, vertebrae; thought of topographical maps with their shadings; drew on the images for my poem "Like Wings" {just published in Redheaded Stepchild, edited by Malaika King Albrecht, Deborah Blakely, Deborah Blakely and Eric Helms}. 

Again, "Like Wings." Click.

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