Monday, December 27, 2010

Friends & their opinions; explanation of why we are here (on the globe); policy statement

Between now and the end of the year I am not including an image of any type—graven, engraven or mineral—with these postings. [12.30.10 Note:  I couldn't take responsible for such a drab blog and am adding illustrations. Left is a Rosicrucian war machine. Why? It looks like it could double as a housecleaning appliance.]

I am also not going to say much. How much is there to say, really? Sure I am opinionated but how many of my opinions let alone phrasings of same are needed out there, among you-all, and without poetic or fictional coloration, to boot?

My 3,000 Loving Arms have been loving you since 2009—deeply loving and embracing you, but until this summer weren't doing so with much regularity. What made the difference? This July, two friends who had never seen my blog or read a word I'd written—not poem, story or mineral—apparently held, nonetheless, decided opinions about this blog and expressed (to me) said opinions. Both friends! On the same evening!

Opinion 1—I should get up at the same hour every morning, prepare my hot beverage and, at the same time every morning, write my blog, or my blog posting. I estimated an hour a day and have pretty much held to that.

Opinion 2—I should use this blog to promote my writing and should therefore discuss the process of writing. I was already doing that, when I had something to say on the subject. Some writers are better than I am at discussing process. I mercilessly promote my scant publications, however, so stand back.

My friends annoyed me, but they were right. One of the two has since seen my blog and offered no comment. Talk about annoying.

The Moral of the Posting—If it's good advice, follow it.  Follow the advice, not the source. Trust your instincts to know what's what. I did. My friends do not all or always read me. My readers are not always friends. The great interconnectedness is a mystery. There are piles of snow outside.

And oddly and somehow or another we are here to help and love one other in odd and mysterious ways. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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