Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I flip-flopped for a day over Wikileaks's most recent and massive posting. By flip-flop I mean something frozen and primal, self-protective, scared, took over my thoughts as government documents spilled out.

Were Wikileaks and Julien Assange endangering me, a humble citizen; were they guilty of treason or expressing a useless teen-age-style anger--or were they doing something necessary and useful for democracy and the interaction between democracy and commerce?

I got over my fear. Quickly. It was fear and the type that tells me to be quiet and not get in trouble. To let lies be told. Play it safe.

Wikileaks is furthering the cause of democracy; organizing the information as much as showing it light of day.  Some judge Assange and believe Wikileaks has no right to make public behind-the-scene machinations and documents, when in fact these same people seek transparency--honesty--in government.  That's what Wikleaks offers.
For instance, doing the job of investigative journalism, Wikileaks revealed that DynCorp, a U.S. company, entertained Afghan clients with sex slaves, something they'd also done in Bosnia.  I wrote about this last Foodstuff Friday, December 10.

Julien Assange may be foolhardy. He may be annoying. I suspect lack of perfection. I also suspect as do many, the orchestrated set-up to get him in jail.

Thomas "These are the times that try men's soul's" Paine, one of the U.S.'s Forefathers of Independence, was read by many Chinese involved in Tiananmen Square, the demonstration throughout China but most famous for what happened in Beijing in 1989. They were impressed with democracy. Common Sense. The Rights of Man. Age of Reason.

Wikileaks and other documents are democracy in action; lay bare the lies of governmen;t are the way to return to the spirit, possibility and fact of democracy.

The hunger for honesty, decency and fairness, felt by so many globally and nationally, is strong but being filled. If we stand a chance of survival it is through this kind of transparency. I am inspired by Assange and Wikileaks. I am relieved someone speaks up.  I admire the bravery.

I am less worried about survival of the human race than I am survival of the human race's humanity. Wikileaks is pro-humanity.

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