Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Movie Issue: Hollywood is run by white supremacists

Look at today's New York Times Year in Film section, Top Films and Trends or, 14 Actors on Acting. It reflects what's on the screens. Almost exclusively white actors.

If it weren't for Wayans Brothers' comedies; the occasional Denzel Washington or Will Smith movie; or if Hallie Berry who is easy easy easy on the eyes weren't given a role now and then it would be pretty easy for a movie goer (or Netflix watcher) to forget black people existed.

Except as background, thugs, props.

Considering "left" Hollywood's backing of Obama, it is especially odd, ugly, weird, duplicitous, sad, engraging. True colors showing? Back to normal? Same old same old?

The exception (Don Cheadle et al.) won't prove the rule (white, white, white). But you can try. Feel free to respond. And if you can come up with movies featuring black women (or Asian, Chicano, Hispanic) even better.

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