Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Future Is Happy: an unabashed assault on despair (G.E. Schwartz)

Sarah Sarai unabashedly assaulting despair.
 As spokeswoman for The Future Is Happy, I am pleased to inform you that all 83 pages of Sarah Sarai's first collection of poetry are made quietly ecstatic and vociferously humble with its latest review, this by one G.E. Schwartz's (Gerald Schwartz).

In online journal of obvious mythic consequence, Galatea Resurrects #15, edited by Eileen Tabios, Schwartz nails it.

Sarai "has made an unabashed assault on despair." Get help with your despair because as Schwartz maintains, Sarai is working "against OUR despair." And by OUR he means YOUR. Sarah Sarai is very instructional.

The review begins thusly and can be read in totality by clicking.

Contemporary "innovative" poetry is not often willing to open a window on the passions that under gird or animate it, if indeed there be any such passions. In Sarah Sarai's new collection, The Future Is Happy, however, the confrontation and interactions with an emotional life gives the author's poems a nervy, discomfiting vitality. Their very rawness and urgency bring these poems to a kind of transcendence. The result is a poetry that is not comfortable to read, but necessary just the same.
 Cover photo by
Susan Tammany; design
by Geoffrey Gatza
For other reviews head to the The Future Is Happy tab above or go to Small Press Distribution's page for The Future Is Happy.

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